The Key To Your Success

Success Thinking

Success Is Contingent On Your Ability To Control Your Thoughts

You might have heard of the phrase, “If you can control your thinking, you will control your destiny.”

Arriving at your destiny or your “ultimate destination” requires that you stay focused and on the track you intend to be. This is where we all start out but over time, some people end up taking a detour off of their track, derailing, and ending up on someone else’s track.

How does this happen? People allow outside suggestions and criticisms to enter their minds without questioning or examining their soundness. We read the newspapers or watch the daily news as tough they every word was based on fact. We become swayed by gossip and opinions of others as though every word was true. So yes over time we give up control over our thinking and hand it over to those people and their thoughts which are not in alignment with our own. We grow to trust the opinions of others (whether they are true or not) and push our own aside and thus we end up on a path that is not ours. Feeling disconnected and full of fear.

There is much to learn from other people but you must get into the habit of filtering out that which does not serve you. Your thought(s) are the part of your being in which you have total control over. Furthermore, the thoughts which dominate your mind will bring you either success or failure depending on their nature. Positive constructive thoughts which are aligned with your “definite goal(s)” and are followed by appropriate action will be transformed into the your success…your destiny.

Napoleon Hill said: “You are but the sum of your dominating or most prominent thoughts.”

Your ability to control your thinking is the magic key to unlock the door to your success.


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